Anniversary #3

I chose for Kacee and I to go to Sun Valley Resort because we get to ski there free with our ski passes to Snowbasin and we have never been to Idaho. I also figured we better take advantage of the places that aren’t too far of a drive from Utah. In Texas you can drive for hours and still be there, so driving 5 hours and being in another state was fun.

The resort was amazing and the messages were great. We would love to go back during the summer!

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This year of first:

1. Both having ski passes

2. Mountain biking all summer

3. New church and friends at Ogden Valley Community Church

4. Living a whole year outside of Texas

5. Owning VW vehicles

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Utah JAZZ!

We went to a Utah Jazz basketball game for Nick’s birthday! It was so much fun. They went into overtime and ended up winning! Neither one of us had ever been to an NBA game before so it was quite the experience and we would love to go again!

Afterwards we went to Z Tejas because Nick needed a little bit of Texas- even though it’s not like Texas at all, but it did remind us of home and the one on 6th street. We took the train home and took silly pictures.

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Happy Birthday babe anticipating many more to come!

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This girl went to TEXAS!

Oh Texas! Where do I begin. I sometimes feel like I annoy people about how much I love Texas, but it’s mainly the people there-especially in Austin. After living in Utah for a little of over a year and 8 months I feel I have a pretty good idea about the people in Utah. Anyway, the minute I got off the plane I could tell there was a huge difference. People in Texas are so nice, such good southern hospitality! I miss that so much. Anyway I flew into Dallas so I could meet up with Nicole and drive with her up to good ole’ Lubbock. I miss that town in small amounts, but I really miss the Burkhart Center and my amazing friend Layla! I was so excited to see her and notice that we were wearing the same boots…why we didn’t take a picture I don’t know. Anyway we had a great time going to some of the usual spots like Chimy’s and dancing.

After the two days in Lubbock, Nicole and I met up with my dad and brother, Brian, to drive down to Austin. We stayed there Sunday night and I flew home Tuesday night. Every time I’m with my family it makes me realize how much more I miss them. We always have a good time and I can talk to them about anything- whether they understand it or not, or approve or not, I know that they love me no matter what. I hope I can be like that with my kids one day. Anyway we had a blast!

Monday night we went to San Marcos to eat at Palmer’s restaurant with Dave and Caslyn. It was so good to have everyone there together! Dave, Caslyn, Mom, Dad, Brian, Granny, me, and Alicia- we missed you Nick! Anyway they finally told everyone that they are going to have a baby this summer…so glad! I was tired of keeping the news in! Geez… Then we went bowling and had a blast. I love how my parents stay up late with us-it was like a huge sleepover the whole time I was there.

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I needed a good Texas visit. It wasn’t long, but it was good. Also it was sad that I didn’t get to see a ton of friends, but I needed to spend quality time with my best friend Alicia, since she moved to Greece a couple days after I left. I love her and am so excited for the adventure God has for her!

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Date Nights…

Here a post that simple mom blogged about date nights–¬†she¬†especially good advice from someone who has kids- however, since we don’t we just think it’s important and want to share why.

1. They are fun!

2. They allow us to be intentional and bring up things we haven’t talk about.

3. They allow us to not get into a rut and get into a good habit for when we do have kids.

4. We get to always date each other-so we take advantage of that!

2013-01-16 20.42.53 2013-01-16 20.44.02

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Christmas 2012

We loved having Brian and Desi come visit us for Christmas! It couldn’t have gotten much better. We played games, went skiing a lot, and made lots of homemade goodies.

The best game we played was Empire Builders.

The best food we made was a carrot cake!

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Master Kacee

I have officially graduated with my Masters degree in special education and a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. I take my ABA exam in May after all my supervision hours are complete and I will finally be done!!

Thank you to my parents and especially Nick who has always supported me with furthering my education. I’m super excited that it’s your turn!!!

Here’s the proof…



Also we are having a little graduation get together for me tonight, hopefully all goes well :)!

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Utah Utes

I am officially starting my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah this year!

I’m really excited to be blessed with this opportunity. I should graduate December 2013 if all goes well.

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Seattle was such a fun place to visit. If you have never been we strongly recommend it. We had some good times! The weather was perfect and the people were fun.  

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Mountain Biking

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summer biking pictures…

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Whirl wind…

Please keep us in your prayers. The past couple of months have had some huge ups and huge downs. I’m not comfortable discussing everything, but I will share one.

Nick and I were driving down to Texas for Christmas and got in a huge car accident totally our car and having to buy a new one. God provided, but we are now in a bind financially. Also there were some personal issues that happened. Please keep us in your prayers. Praying for this year to be better.

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